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Power Bi for Primavera



Construction and engineering projects face enormous challenges in managing shifts in schedules and controlling costs. Primavera offers many functionalities to contribute to this but lacks the possibility to realize data-driven work on a large scale and to share insights with stakeholders and third parties.


Existing Insights are fragmented and from multiple source systems making it difficult to get one complete project overview. These factors all contribute to sub-optimal decision making, increasing risks around time, cost, quality, and safety.


Data sources are often strong silos and integrations between systems are difficult. Primavera shows a perspective of a project and is used intensively by schedulers.


The financial side of projects is often tracked in ERP systems and progress reports are kept on site in Excel or other systems. In short, a total overview is missing.

Planners and schedulers must have the right insights to prevent planning and budget deviations. Primavera offers standard options but lacks the ability to combine schedules with other data sources and to easily create self-service insights.


Power Project Control makes it possible to visualize and enrich Primavera schedules with data from other applications and Excel. Finally, it is possible to easily obtain an overall picture of your project.




Power Project Control is a solution built from scratch for super-fast flexible insights. By using a model of facts and dimensions it is possible to make countless cross-sections. By using a data warehouse (additional license is required) you deploy a complete analytical data warehouse environment.

With modern self-service tools such as Power Bi, it is possible to realize these insights very easily. Power Project Control makes it possible to visualize your planning data in Power Bi and then share it with the rest of the organization.


Democratizing data is the method to be successful. Everyone involved must have the same insights throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. With Power Project Control it is possible to share the right visuals with those involved who are not Primavera users.

With complex project schedules, it is necessary to also provide third parties with insight into Primavera schedules. With Power Project Control it is possible to securely share shielded data with each other. In this way, everyone works in real time with the same dataset and visualizations.




Using Primavera data to make the right decisions should be the overall goal. KPI’s and scorecards contribute to a better and clearer overview of the status of a project or a project portfolio. PowerBi offers the possibility to provide all parties involved with insight into the project scores. The well-known DCMA insights suddenly become clear to all parties involved, so that actions are taken in a timely manner.

Machine learning is the “new big thing” and for projectschedules this also has a hugh potential. With the machine learning features of Power Bi you have the posibility to start create ML models on top of your project data from Primavera.


Retrospective reporting and analysis provide good insights into the performance of historical project activities, but contemporary solutions allow addressing problems before they have a major impact by using predictive analytics.



Use the opportunity to start predicting where delays might occur and make sure you identify and address problems in time before they can have a negative effect on the project.




Primavera is a very flexible and smart software solution. Each customer can design the solution according to their own needs. Due to, among other things, additional fields at project and task level, the consistent recording of data in Primavera is a challenge.

By using Power Project Control you get the opportunity to easily analyze your Primavera data and check for correctness and consistency.


With Power Project Control it is possible to realize 'out-of-the-box insights' very easily and quickly. With the freely available template you can independently link Primavera data to Power Bi using an XER file link. Giving the out-of-the-box visuals.




In many organizations, data from systems (such as Primavera) is shared with exports in Excel or PDFs. This results in data lying around with all its consequences.

Exports are often static and this results in decisions being made on inaccurate data and not everyone is looking at the same insights.


The Power Project Control solution is now also available in Oracle Analytics Cloud. Would you like to analyze your primavera data in OAC, please check this product page

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