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Embraer commercial aviation

Embraer builds airliners, private jets and military aircraft. The head office is located in São José dos Campos in Brazil. And the European headquarters in Amsterdam. Embraer's commercial aircraft have a capacity of up to 150 passengers. Embraer has about 30% of the market for this type of commercial aircraft. The company employs more than 20,000 people worldwide.

Insights into production and logistics

Insight into the order book and the associated complex logistics and production flows is crucial. Embraer uses SAP for its production and logistics processes, but it is difficult for analysts to gain insights from this ERP application. Data that is currently largely locked up in SAP must be freed up and translated into simple models so that analysts can realize better and faster insights.

Large amounts of complex data

The production and logistical flows for the production of an aircraft is a very complex matter. An enormous amount of data is used from various applications and systems supplied by suppliers, among others.

For HBefore the arrival of Qcompany, many analysts used to store and edit data, in particular downloads from SAP and local tools such as Excel and Access, but with this software the company came up against limits. Systems get stuck due to the amount of data that is retrieved from SAP and also offers little structure.

Hence Tiago Porteiro van Embraer went through Microsoft looking for a partner who not only knows a lot about data analysis platforms, but also about logistics data and production processes. The new platform had to provide insight into the enormous data flows, but also have the option to expand and adapt more easily.

"Gaining insight into our logistics and production processes is crucial in order to switch gears and make adjustments more quickly. Our business analysts must be able to carry out ad-hoc analyzes independently"



Data platform
An important part of the solution that Embraer has implemented is the use of a data lake in which the data from SAP, among others, is stored. With the help of various tools, the logistics and production data are transformed into analytic models. The models are structured in such a way that with the help of Power Bi data analysts can independently realize insights.

This platform is self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing. The concept eliminates the need for human intervention to provision, secure, backup, monitor or restore systems.

Computer and storage capacity is fully elastic and as an organization you only pay for actual usage. The platform keeps itself up-to-date with the latest security updates and patches, encrypts all data, intercepts data breaches through preventive checks and automatically protects systems against malicious attacks from the outside and inside.

From hours to minutes

Previously, business and data analysts had to wait for exports from SAP before the IT department had prepared the files. Then I started cleaning and enriching the data in Excel and Access. With Qcompany's new approach, Embraer is able to refresh the various datasets at any time of the day. Always real-time data and that is crucial for logistics flows. All data analysts use the same datasets, which makes a huge difference in back-checking different insights. Using the Power Bi Excel analysis functionality, the analysts are able to quickly make ad-hoc analyzes while the sheets still remain connected to the datasets.

Ease of use

For the data analysts, the new platform has not only provided much better analyzes and time savings, but also a lot of ease of use. There are extensive options to create analyzes and dashboards and you are done with a few clicks. In addition, all data in the platform remains available for analysis and this scalability also means that many more analyzes from other sources can be connected in the future.




Manufacturing Airplanes 


Embrear uses SAP for production, planning and financial administration and reporting (Business Objects) among other things. They lack the ability to easily create reports and lack the flexibility to customize and share reports across organizations 


In collaboration with Qcompany, data strategy has been developed to replace BO with a modern platform. The existing reports have been rationalized and replaced by flexible models. A data warehouse has been developed that both unlocks the source ERP system and makes a connection with the self-service data visualization layer (BI). As a result, employees work with standardized models, but also have the opportunity to perform independent analyzes.


  • Worldwide a single source of truth 

  • Self-service analytics 

  • High performance 

  • Better reporting reliability 

  • Improved scalability 

  • Real-time insight into data 

  • Timesaver 

  • Share analytics within the organization

Products deployed

  • Oracle Data Integrator 

  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse 

  • Microsoft Power Bi 

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