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Qcompany: slimme koppen!


Certified consultants with
multi cloud in-depth knowledge

BI specialist.

Our Business Intelligence specialists have general BI knowledge and experience with one or more BI tools.


Qcompany is a specialist in the field of Business Intelligence. We have the knowledge and expertise to get your BI job off the ground and to be successful in the field of data visualization and data-driven working.

In addition to knowledge of various BI tools, our BI specialists have a background in business economics, which means they are well able to translate information needs into concrete solutions.


Our BI specialists have a lot of experience with unlocking complex data sources and data models from ERP applications such as Oracle E Business suite, SAP, Workday and Raet.

Our consultants have completed various challenging projects, have domain knowledge and can therefore be a good fit for your organization.


Data Engineer.

Data Engineers organize data for various purposes and make data available and usable for others.

Our Data Engineers are able to link, (re)organize and/or unlock data using various tools. The aim is to make effective use of the correct data.


Our Data Engineers have knowledge and experience in the field of data integration and the associated tools such as Oracle Data Integrator, Informatica, SSIS, Talend, Datafactory and Azure databricks.

Experience with data extracts and in-depth knowledge of SQL, among other things, is indispensable and is therefore widely used internally.


A Data Engineer must be able to think beyond the platform and that is one of the reasons why our engineers have experience in the field of various software suppliers.


Our engineers are certified in areas such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and Oracle Cloud.

Data Scientists.

Data Scientists  are indispensable in the current IT environment. Yet there is a lot of difference between a "real" data scientist and a BI consultant who has knowledge of.

Our pool of Data Scientists have real knowledge of Statistics and Mathematics and have completed a university degree in Data Science.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, they also have experience with statistical packages such as SAS, SPSS, Watson and languages such as R and Python in order to be able to mean something concrete.

All Qcompany consultants are certified in the field of AWS, Oracle Analytics or Microsoft Business Intelligence.

Contact us to see if our Data Scientists can do something for your project.

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