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Support &

Consultancy Services

Let Qcompany support you
and get the best out of your PowerBI environment


Support & maintenace

Functional Support.

The functional supoort of your Business Intelligence environment is about successful adoption of the solution within your organization. ​


We can offer your users (directly or via 2nd / 3rd line) support with the optimal use of the environment and the functionalities.

During each release, we draw attention to the new features in for users understandable language. ​


In case of problems (or questions) we jump into it and offer users a suitable solution as quickly as possible. ​


By setting up the functional support with our team, the pressure on the helpdesk and support organization is released.


Our functional consultants can bridge the gap between business and IT, in this way they can be used in a hybrid manner.

Technical Suppport.

The technical support of a business intelligence environment (ETL, DWH BI software etc) is an important task and if done properly no end user will think about it. ​


Qcompany can take over the technical support of your environment so  you can work with Business Intelligence for the purpose of self-service. ​


We make sure that the settings suit your organization and keep an eye on risks related to data security and login. ​

With technical support we continuously monitor the use and performance of the environment. We monitor the processes and keep an eye on the data load processes so that we can prevent problems.

Quick Help

Once you have arranged the support of the Business Intelligence environment internally, it may happen at times you do not have enough capacity in-house. ​

By choosing Qcompany, a team of experts is ready to step in where there is a need for expertise.


We make sure that, for example during holidays or during projects, we step in, deliver hands on expertise


 Once you purchase "Quick Help" (without any commitment) you will be sure of a partner who knows your organization and the environment and can therefore really help right away if this needed!

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